About PainPal

PainPal is founded and run by
Esther Lurie,,
a fellow, long-term,
multi-condition chronic pain
survivor with a Bachelor of
Science degree and
professional experience
conducting thousands of one
to sessions with those seeking to
address various health matters
and concerns, in addition to
the many chronic pain survivors
she's encountered over the
years and has tried to help be it
professionally or personally.

Speaking now in firs person, I do
indeed  know firsthand the
massive suffering that occurs
with intractable pain and its
vast impact on all aspects of
life.  This isn't a rags-to riches-I'm
-cured-and-all-is-well, story,
Rather, its a journey of struggle
and hardship that persists. it' is
real life without the pretty bows.
What I offer is  a
compassionate, yet
reality-based approach, a lot
of years on this planet and
plenty experience that foes
with it. My approach
incorporates both the larger
picture and the ever-important
minute detail that piece by
piece forms the basis of both
change and hope.

Founded in February 2000,
PAINPAL is a registered business
in the State of New York via the
County of Kings, Business #

About This Site

Thanks for visiting PainPal.com.
Online since 2002, PainPal.com
originally began as Pain-Pal.com for
the first three years. The mission
remains the same: to assist you
and your loved ones in your efforts
to effectively manage pain, reduce
it's impact, promote
understanding, foster openness,
enhance your well-being, and help
get you back on track so you can
live as healthfully and peacefully as

Although there are no magical
solutions to chronic pain, nor
quick fixes for eliminating its
impact, there's no limit to how far
you might travel in your path
toward health and wellness, cure
or healing depending upon your
perspective, effort, willingness,
opportunity, resources, and hope -
amongst a variety of other factors.

There are many roads to relief, and
infinite possibilities as to how you
might get there. The choices
remain with you. And so, whether
your belief system is ultimately
that of cure - as in Western
medical philosophy, or healing - as
in a more Eastern and holistic
approach - the goal of PainPal.com
is to empower and educate you
about the day-to-day aspects of
co-existing with chronic pain, as
well as assist in getting you where
you'd like to go by helping you
target what you need and plotting
a course to help you get there.

Managing chronic pain is often
very multi-dimensional, combining
some of this and some of that, and
some of many other things. And
so, while one or two approaches
on their own might not be as
productive as desired, multiple
approaches working together can
be. Taken from there, infinite
possibilities emerge - the sky's the
limit...but the ground is where to

Always remember, that no matter
the size, every step forward is an
important one in your journey
toward a better life. Small things
learned and taken at face value,
might seem of little consequence
in context of the whole, but when
seemingly small things learned
combine, they stand to positively
impact the larger picture and lead
to improvement in overall life

And so as you browse this website
and consider its offerings, please
be sure to keep this in mind.
Everything presented in these
pages has its purpose...that is, to
help you help yourself, or those
you love.

Best wishes to all of you in your
journey to improve your life.

Esther Lurie,
Be Proactive in
Your Chronic Pain
Mission Statement

ONE, to assist the adult chronic pain  
survivor in identifying and addressing  
those factors that create obstacles  
for living a more fulfilling life despite

TWO, to educate, encourage, and  
empower the adult chronic pain
survivor to take a more active and
productive role in his or her
health-care and overall well-being,
and create positive change where
desired and possible.

THREE, to integrate steps one and
two into everyday life as a means to
maximize health and wellness potential  
and enhanced life fulfillment.
Copyright 2002-2010 by Esther Lurie and PainPal.  All Rights Reserved.
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