Chronic pain is typically described as ongoing pain of
a disruptive or debilitating nature that lasts beyond 3-6
months and cannot be resolved or sometimes even
pinpointed despite effort. Chronic pain can interfere
with life functioning and effect major components of an
individual's life, and/or bring daily activity to a halt.

More recently, there's been some change by some in
definition. There are some who now define it as
persistent pain that lasts beyond 12 months, while others
define it as pain that lasts beyond the expected length
of an acute disorder that should have since resolved.

Perhaps ultimately the best definition rests with the
individual who's actually experiencing it.

Chronic pain effects different people in different ways.
No one else lives inside your body and soul, and thus
your experience is unique to you.  Reaching out to
others, however, those who understand, those who've
walked the walk, but aren't embittered, can be very

How do you define chronic pain?
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