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As surfers on the World Wide Web, many of us share concerns about the privacy of any
personally identifiable information we might disclose. To address these issues, has devised a privacy policy for visitors to this website. Please
read the following below. and are both founded and run by Esther Lurie and are
integrated into one website. Occasionally may see use of one or the other name on this
website but the names are one and the same. For the purpose of this privacy policy,
PainPal is used to cover either name.

PainPal collects personally identifiable information about you that you volunteer, such as
name, address, email address, phone numbers, and form of payment for the purpose of
providing you with/allowing you to participate in PainPal services and activities of your
choosing, or to contact you thereafter as follow up related to such, as necessary, or
infrequently to send information that may be of interest to you based upon previous
correspondence or communication.

As with most websites, when you visit this one, a small file called a cookie might be placed
on your computer for statistical and analytical purposes related to website usage and
traffic patterns. Other times, cookies may be placed on your computer to enable sign-in
and password usage for website-provided services you choose to engage in, however, no
such services is currently offered on at this time.

In addition, this website also using advertisements served via Google, Inc., known as
Adsense, to generate revenue. Google, Inc. uses tracking modalities to monitor advertising
activity. Not all tracking is done via cookie usage; many web hosting companies and
advertiser servers add tracking devices in web building and advertising software, such as
web beacons and other technical means to statistically monitor usage without identifying
any personal information tied to an identifiable person.

Other times, as is very common on the internet at large, third party advertisers use cookie
browser data and web beacons to track individual movement across websites to better
target ads to the user's interests.  For the purposes of ads served via Google Adsense,  
Google's related privacy policies indicate these tracking devices do not gather personally
identifiable information about you.

To opt out of cookie placement on this and most other websites, be sure to set all your
browsers and firewalls to do so. At the present time, and since Pain-Pal's inception - in
2002 - has had no use for cookies and continues not to. By
default, however, cookies may be placed on your computer by the company who hosts this
website, Yahoo! Inc. Again, to opt out of cookies, be sure to set your browsers and
firewalls to do so, but be prepared to unblock first party cookies when you need to sign-in
for a future service requiring log-in, as well as when you go to a payment processing
website to pay for services offered via this website,

Pain-Pal/PainPal will never knowingly sell, lend, barter, trade or otherwise distribute
your personally identifiable information to any outside party without your knowledge and
consent unless required to do so in good faith for the purposes of law enforcement, legal
processes, or to protect this website and/or others from harm.

PainPal is hosted by Yahoo! inc., who also maintains PainPal email services and thus
theoretically has access to the information contained in them as well. And so, any
personally identifiable information and other content you supply to PainPal via this
website, will also be accessible to Yahoo! has a privacy policy that respects
your concerns for privacy and you may opt to read that on their website,

PainPal does not assume any liability or responsibility for any actions or inactions taken by
Yahoo!, inc. regarding this website, and the activity thereof, that is out of PainPal's
control, or is not authorized by PainPal/Esther Lurie.


Should you wish to change your contact information, or opt out of additional contact
with/from PainPal, please do so according to the following below. PainPal reserves the
right to contact you again only if outstanding matters remain from prior interaction.

Please send notification of your request via the Contact page of this website along with  
the email address you currently use to contact To help insure this request is
from you and not someone acting in your name without your permission, will
send an email to you confirming your request to opt out and will no longer contact you
accept as noted above.  If you do not wish to opt out, you must contact PainPal to

SECURE ONLINE PAYMENTS: offers purchasers of it's services the opportunity to send secure online
payment for the above at no additional charge via online third-party payment service
provider, PayPal, inc., owned by Ebay.

PayPal inc, (not to be confused with this website, is a
well-known, worldwide secure third party payment processor.
You do not have to become
a registered user of PayPal, inc. to use their payment services.
Should you opt to send
payment to PainPal via this service, recommends you read their Privacy Policy
and user agreements contained on their website. If you're not comfortable with anything,
you do not have to use their service. You can pay for services via alternative
means. The PayPal, inc. Privacy Policy discloses how they keep your payment and
personally identifiable information secure, and how you are protected from fraudulent

Please be advised that will not have access to your credit card and other
account numbers related to your transactions with PayPal, inc. Nor does have
any control over any of their policies and what they do to keep your information secure,
both now and in the future.

PayPal inc., is responsible with the security of your financial transactions with them during
the online payment transaction process.  Following your transaction, PayPal, Inc will send a
receipt of your transaction to the email address you supply to them.

When you elect to pay electronically for services or products on, you will be
taken to a secure online payment form on the PayPal website.
Be sure cookies are enabled
in your browser before clicking on the link or you will encounter an invalid notice on the
PayPal site.
The heading on the correct page will state: Do not place
your order if it doesn't.

To protect yourself against online fraud in general, never send your payment account
numbers to anyone via email, nor disclose your passwords. And whenever you pay for any
services  electronically on the web, make sure you see the company's correct website
address in your browser's address bar, proceeded by https:// and a "lock" symbol on your
browser's web page.

When paying via, you should look for two security locks; one on the order form
itself, and the other as the usual one seen on your browser's web page. Additionally, there
are built in security features to help securely link you between and

You may also opt to pay for any service and product via check or money order
sent via postal mail.

Pain-Pal/PainPal/Esther Lurie reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this
Privacy Policy. But the policy to not voluntarily sell, give away, share, exchange, or barter
your personally identifiable information without your permission will remain intact, always.

Terms of Service

By using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms included below.

Use of this site is for educational and informational purposes only and is never a substitute
for any or all health and medical care you obtain including treatment recommendations and
protocols by any and all duly licensed and qualified medical and health care providers in the
present and future. Esther Lurie who runs is not a licensed medical
professional, and any opinions, suggestions provided, or experiences shared, as well as all
information posted on this website from Esther and others, including advertisers and links
to their websites, as well as links to others, is used by you voluntarily and by your own
choice. It's up to you to ultimately determine what is and isn't in your better interests.

Pain-Pal/PainPal/Esther Lurie, reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of
the above Terms Of Service.  
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