Few people enjoy feeling badly and suffering with chronic pain or illness, but when
you've been feeling
poorly for some time despite efforts to the contrary, it's natural to
question yourself, as others might of you.  

Perhaps you wonder whether your pain is legitimate or that perhaps in some way, you
enjoy the "fringe benefits" of pain or illness, a set of circumstances known as secondary
gain. Or perhaps you wonder whether your chronic pain is - in part or
in full - the result
of unresolved emotional pain, or current stress.

Now if others share your doubt,
or pound you when you have little or none,  the ferocity
of your own might further magnify or even begin to seed for the
very first time.

Your truth is for you to know and ponder
, and no one can do that for you, but fair-minded
people can help if they're not vested in any particular outcome, or have no history of
selfishly pushing
their own agendas to the detriment of those of others.

Here are some things to consider:

The impact your pain has on your everyday life and ability to engage in activities of daily

To what degree, if any, can you intervene to accomplish tasks and goals on  
regular basis without negatively impacting your pain and health, both physical
and mental

Are you doing everything within you capability and financial resources to improve
your chronic pain and overall life?

What sort of he
lp, if any, do you get in running a household and performing the various
activities of daily living to keep doing such?

What happens if you overextend yourself for both the short and long terms?

Can you successfully work to support yourself and those who might depend on you?

If you can't hold down a job outside the home, can you earn a living working at

What are your abilities and limitations?

If you could make a wish to rid yourself of pain and suffering, and return life to
norm, would you
, even if it means losing disability benefits, going back to work,
and  having to engage in activities or events you might not have to if things
remained as is?  

Keep the Following in Mind:

Only you live inside your body. If you're  hurt, ill, have chronic pain or are suffering, don't
ignore it or brush it under the rug. Be proactive in addressing it, and stand firm against
others who insist
that what you feel isn't real.

There's a lot more known about chronic pain than there was even a decade or two ago,
but there's still much unknown.  Just because your pain can't be identified or addressed,
doesn't mean it doesn't exist or isn't real.  And just because you have received diagnosis
and treatment,
it doesn't however guarantee that all - or any - will be better for you.  
Both diagnosis and treatment can be hit and miss, and most people with chronic pain
come to discover this on their own. The "chronic" in chronic pain is termed such for a
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