Thanks for visiting PainPal.com.  PainPal has been online since 2002,
initially as Pain-Pal.com for the first 3 years.  PainPal is founded and
run by Esther Lurie, a fellow, multi-condition chronic pain survivor with
a Bachelor of Science degree and professional experience
conducting thousands of one to sessions with those seeking to
address various health matters and  concerns.

This page will help keep you informed of any upcoming chronic pain
related additions, special events, or other noteworthy current or
future happenstance on this website or sister sites, and the features
offered. Please scroll down below for the latest.
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PainPal.com is currently undergoing a stransformation with ever
changing and expanding chronic pain content. Back in 2002, this
website was created with great enthusiasm and desire to expand its
offerings. As someone with multiple forms of wicked chronic pain, it
has often, however, been a great struggle to keep up, and this
website thus hasn't come close to its potential. Often, I've been
forced to set it aside and leave it as is. It continues to be a struggle
but I'm back here again, more determined than ever to share what
I've learned, and hope to bring you a chronic pain website with
expanding, relevant content that speaks to your needs and keeps you
returning for more.

I also hope to soon launch a chronic pain blog under a different name
and will let you know when that is up and running.  A book is in the
works as well, a revisit of prior unfinished efforts, and totally new
ones. Should I be able to generate revenue from these endeavors, I'll
be able to spend more time where I'd rather be helping my fellow
chronic pain survivors learn from my considerable experience with all
sorts of debilitating forms of chronic pain. I've learned to live my life
one day at a time, one minute at a time. I just never know when the
next flareup will hit and grind my endeavors to a halt. It's not that I
give in, but rather, wisdom culled from experience is a voice worth

Thanks for visiting this website.  I wish you well in your personal pain

Esther Lurie, Founder and Owner.

This page was last updated on
April 20, 2010.
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