Chronic Pain Journey

Change is a process that unfolds over
time, and those who live with chronic
pain are indeed ever challenged by it.

So, as you embark upon your quest to
enhance your well-being and improve
chronic pain management capacities, I
cannot adequately emphasize the
importance of being kind and gentle
with yourself along the way. Remember,
change of any form is an ongoing process
in-and-of-itself...with its own ups and
downs, peaks and valleys, stalls and
plateaus. Perhaps the surest way to kill
change is by expecting and demanding
too much of it, yourself, and others too
much, too soon...

Let change become an ally and friend,
and like all worthwhile relationships,
that which has the best chance to
blossom, is that which receives the gifts
of both nurture and respect...

Esther Lurie

About Change

  • Change is an inevitable part  
of life.

  • Change can be sudden and
    unexpected...or transpire
    over time.

  • Change can be positive, or
    negative...or fall anywhere in-

  • Negative change can have
    positive implications, just as
    positive change can spawn its
    polar opposite..

  • Change requires a period of
    adjustment, irrespective of
    whether Change is welcome...
    or not.

  • Acceptance of the need to
    change is challenge in-and-of-

  • Change of the voluntary kind
    involves risk. Change of the
    involuntary kind might involve
    even more risk...or perhaps
    even less.

  • Change might require you to
    stand alone when intimidated
    and frightened others rally in

  • Acceptance of negative
    Change is generally not
    swallowed whole...but sipped
    and slurped over time.

  • Change can involve feelings of
    loss and the need to undergo
    a grieving process.

  • Change....whether desired or
    not...can help you grow and
    develop new life skills and
    new ways of looking at things.

  • Change is a challenge that
    requires your attention and
    measured doses of tender
    loving care.

  • Change changes as well.
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Be Proactive in
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