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Secondary gain, is the "fringe benefit" of being ill or having some sort of
medical problem or disability that results in reduced responsibilities and
increased attention from others - basically anything the person enjoys and
gains that he or she might not have otherwise had and wants to retain.

For some, secondary gain might be enticement to remain as is - such as
incentive to keep the chronic pain going rather than proactivly fighting
back. Getting better might mean less doting from others, or returning to
work rather than hanging on the couch. Improved health or reduced pain,
might end disability payments and increase household and family

However, the mere presence of secondary gain does not at all mean the
person finds any or all, more desirable than resuming a more productive,
happy life, and the responsibilities that also go with that. The existence of
secondary gain can be both a legitimate outgrowth of circumstance that
occurred because of your pain, while simultaneously not being a factor in
any significant desire on your part to remain in pain because of it.

Perhaps then the question to ask is this: If you had the guaranteed
opportunity to get out of pain, would you want to, over the long haul,
even though you'll lose the "fringe benefits" associated with it?  

It's a pretty good bet that most folks would rather reduce debilitating
chronic pain, than continue to suffer for the sake of ancillary gains.