Be Proactive in
Your Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain management is about more than the particular pain, illness,  
disease, or disorder you have - but also how to better live with it and
contain, as best you can.

Effective chronic pain management involves the physical as well as your day to
day approach in co-existing with your pain related realities.

And so, whatever your pain relief and reduction methods - - whether
conventional or holistic; whether it involves medication, surgery, exercise,
behavioral change, biofeedback, acupuncture, trigger point injections, relaxation
training, neurostimulation, psychotherapy, massage, Botox injections, good
nutrition, hands on healing, guided imagery, stress reduction, chiropractic,
physical therapy and rehabilitation, etc.; - - whatever your methods,
it's all
about finding the best combinations of relief and support for your individual

And this indeed is the ultimate message I hope to impress upon you as someone
who has experienced extremes of chronic pain for many, many years, and is
currently challenged by multiple forms, in varying degrees, on daily basis.

Best wishes to all of you in your path toward a better life...

Esther Lurie,

...Lifestyle Management For The Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain Management
Be Proactive in
Your Chronic Pain
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