That is the 64 million dollar question. Although medical science is still
learning about the causes and complexities of chronic pain, generally
speaking, chronic pain arises when something goes awry and activates pain
signals on regular basis, or causes them to easily activate when normally
they wouldn't.

There are also those who believe chronic physical pain is really the end
result of accumulated, unhealed emotional pain that has found its
expression via the wounding of the body as vehicle for this transport.

Amongst the pain variables, sometimes there's direct damage to, and
compression of the nerves themselves, and sometimes disturbances within
the body cause nerve signals to remain active although they aren't directly
damaged themselves. Injury, trauma, disease, degenerative processes,
inflammatory processes, biochemical imbalances, neurological injury and
dysfunction, mechanical imbalances are all broad-based categories of
conditions that can keep pain signals firing. Sometimes nerve cells that
were once involved in a pain-producing situation remain ultra-sensitive and
continue to send pain signals when normally none would be sent. A growing
body of research suggests that chronic pain is not just symptom of  
abnormality, but is the abnormality itself. And so, when one portion of the
nervous system breaks down and causes ongoing pain, other parts are
affected as well.  

Be your own chronic pain advocate. Do your research. Ask questions. Seek
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