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Chronic Pain Management                                                                                                                                                                       Chronic Pain Believability

It's not that unusual that at some point, others may begin to believe
your pain isn't what you say it is.

This is a frustration for those with longstanding chronic pain,
especially for those who do not "look" like there's anything wrong.

Stress and tension can then accrue between friends and family, at
home, on the job, and even between doctor and patient.

If you recognize this possibility, if you identify it, it puts you in
better position to deal with it if you're willing to approach it in
healthful ways. Chronic pain is not necessarily easy to understand
especially amongst those who don't have it and only have acute pain
as reference.

You can't control what others do, how they think, what they feel.
But you can honestly confront your own feelings, and then work on
a means to convey these to others in a way that doesn't attack or
offend them, but spurs dialogue.

Remember, it always takes two to tango. Both sides need to
nurture conversation and respect. It's easy to get offtrack and if
that happens, you could try to identify it and change your approach.
Be Proactive in
Your Chronic Pain
Be Proactive in
Your Chronic Pain
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