As Sarah Palin would say, you betcha! Acute pain is
temporary pain that resolves in an expected timeframe.
Usually, its cause is known as well. For example,
toothaches, broken bones, muscle and joint injury, simple
indigestion, bruises, minor burns, labor pain, kidney stones,
all cause pain and discomfort but given time and/or
appropriate intervention, the pain should subside and
ultimately disappear as anticipated.

To the contrary, chronic pain, knows no temporary. Rather,
somebody left the furnace on and forgot to turn it off.  
Hence, chronic pain is pain that persists and does not
adequately diminish or resolve despite treatment and/or
the passage of time. Sometimes the cause of the pain
cannot even be identified. And sometimes, conditions that
begin as acute, develop into chronic over time.  

The sooner you recognize your pain has turned chronic,  
the quicker you'll be able to address it and seek help, as
well as your own common sense intervention.
Be Proactive in Managing
Your Chronic Pain
...Lifestyle Management For The Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain Management                                                                                                                                                                             Acute Pain vs. Chronic
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